HDAA Impartiality Committee – ensuring objectivity and consistency


Committee for safeguarding impartiality

To provide assessment and certification of management systems we are required by international standards (ISO/IEC 17021) to have in place a committee to safeguard the impartiality of our functioning. We have established a committee comprised of independent persons who have experience of disability and an assessment trained service user.

The purpose of the committee is:

  • to assist in developing the policies relating to impartiality of its certification activities;
  • to ensure the consistent objective provision of certification activities;
  • to advise on matters affecting confidence in certification; and
  • to conduct a periodic review of the impartiality of our assessment, certification and decision making.

We have formalised terms of reference for the committee and the committee has been authorised by our Managing Director to ensure:

  • no single interest predominates;
  • the committee has access to necessary information enabling it to fulfil its functions; and
  • the committee can take confidential independent action.

As the committee develops we will ensure that it is balanced and includes other interested parties such as a service provider representative.

Currently the members of the committee are:

  • Paul Harpur
  • Kathy Rees
  • Jonathan Shield


How to raise an impartiality concern.