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Our approach

HDAA is committed to better, helping our clients make advancements in service delivery and organisational resilience. Our approach is much more than audit and compliance. We collaborate, we share ideas and knowledge, we are responsive to the needs of your organisation.
We’re committed to better. We put in extra effort because we share your vision of making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.
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We are about people

Our belief that people are the most important thing is reflected in the proverb “ask what is the greatest thing in the world and we shall reply; it is people, it is people, it is people”.

During assessment, analysis and review of process can crowd out the critical role people play in realising better outcomes. Because we see people as determining the quality of services and ultimately organisational success, our approach always emphasises people, how people interact with processes and otherwise influence outcomes.

To us, assessment involves three interrelated spheres of people who must all work constructively together to get the results we all want to see. Our assessors and our support team build strong working relationships with the people they are in contact with; being collaborative and cooperative and having a developmental perspective. We are respectful of users of services (participants), sensitive to their backgrounds and needs and their relationship with you, their service provider.

Our values and approach to working with people can be summed up below. (Please click on the diagram to enlarge)

An Assessment Partner, not just an auditor or certification body

We genuinely care about your organisation’s success and have a deep commitment to work with you collaboratively to make things better. We share your goal of providing the best possible services for your clients.
We see assessments as much more than “auditing”. Our approach to assessing is one that supports service quality, contributing to our clients’ delivery of excellent services. We work with organisations to realise their vision of delivering the best outcomes for the people who access their services.
We emphasise quality in all aspects of our service delivery. Our assessments are comprehensive and insightful, being designed to add as much value as possible to your organisation. We believe the most effective way of supporting service development is to work with you as a colleague rather than simply a service provider who is seeking certification or accreditation.
We are passionate about client service and work closely with you on the pathway to certification or accreditation. From scheduling your assessment to providing support in the interpretation of standards and their requirements, we are here to guide the way and respond to your needs before, during and after your certification or accreditation.
No matter what type of human services or healthcare you deliver, you can contact us without obligation to discuss your assessment needs and understand more about how we can support the delivery of your services.

Professional, Flexible and Knowledgeable assessors

Our assessor team is experienced, skilled and extremely knowledgeable in the standards they assess. They have all worked in human or health care services, and understand the dynamics of organisations and service delivery in the sectors. They understand that assessments should be developmental not just about compliance.
Using HDAA’s assessment methodology, our Assessors’ reports are comprehensive, containing the information and insights you need to take action. We don’t talk about “non-conformance” but rather talk about improvement action. Improvements to us are all about continuing on the never-ending journey of getting better.
We place a great deal of importance on the integrity of our assessments emphasising objective assessments based on evidence and the avoidance of bias or conflict of interest of any kind. Assessment reports are peer reviewed and HDAA has an Impartiality Committee that helps ensure the highest levels of integrity are maintained. As a client, this gives you the utmost confidence in our assessment process and it ensures you receive the best from us.

Experienced with a great track record

HDAA has specialised in the assessment of disability and community related Human Services for over a decade. We are accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) and the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).
We provide accreditation and certification assessment services for human services and healthcare providers. This includes a wide range of Federal and State related standards, ISO and more.
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Support and service that shows we CARE.

When you engage HDAA for your assessment, you have our commitment that we will provide you with exceptional support and deliver assessment services that are the best available. In saying we care about your organisation’s success, we promise that we will:

  • Communicate with you clearly throughout the assessment process.
  • Ensure your assessment is completed by knowledgeable assessors with relevant experience.
  • Be responsive and supportive in our approach, ensuring you get the maximum value from the assessment process.
  • Be easy to deal with, collaborative and flexible.
  • Provide insightful, informative assessment reports that support your development of services and enable effective risk management.
  • Always keep to agreed timelines in the delivery of reports and certificates.
Very professional and easy to get along with. Alison, Vic
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Our Journey to today

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