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HDAA Experience with disability services assessments in NSW

Your organisation’s future will benefit from our strong reputation as a human services assessment and verification organisation that focuses on helping your development. Our reputation comes from delivering assessment services in NSW since 2013 and throughout Australia to a range of disability and  human services standards for over 10 years.

HDAA can provide your assessment to the NDIS Practice Standards

HDAA is approved by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission as a “Quality Auditor” to assess disability services to the NDIS Practice Standards. The Rules state that both assessment methods, Verification and Certification, must be conducted by a JAS-ANZ accredited and Approved Quality Auditor (i.e. Assessment Bodies such as HDAA are accredited by JAS-ANZ and our assessors complete the mandatory training to assess the Practice Standards).

Program Details

Methods of assessment – Verification and Certification

Certification: Service providers identified for a Certification assessment must meet the Core Standards. In addition, service providers registered for classes of support that have a specific module (see below) will need to complete the Core Standards AND the relevant specific Module/s.

Verification: Service providers who are required to complete Verification need only be assessed to one Module. Verification is generally conducted as a desktop (off-site) assessment. However, if a service provider is registered to provide some supports in scope of Certification and some in scope of Verification, the service assessment will be conducted as an on-site Certification for all classes of support the service provider is registered for.

We have taken the detail from the NDIS (Provider Registration and Practice Standards) Rules 17 May 2018 and highlighted clearly which registration groups need to be assessed by a desktop (off-site) Verification and which classes of support need to be assessed by a full (on-site) Certification.  Follow this link to view the table showing the assessment type for Verification and for Certification.

The design of the Practice Standards

The Practice Standards are made up of Core Standards and a number of supplementary Modules. There are four Core Standards each with a number of criteria and indicators. There are also registration groups that have additional specific Modules.

The Core Standards:

  1. Rights of participants and responsibilities of providers
  2. Provider governance and operational management
  3. Provision of Supports
  4. Support provision environment

Classes of support with specific Modules:

  • Module 1: High intensity daily personal activities
  • Module 2: Specialist behaviour support
  • Module 2A: Implementing behaviour support plans
  • Module 3: Early childhood supports
  • Module 4: Specialised support coordination
  • Module 5: Specialist disability accommodation
  • Module 6: Verification*

Module 6 Verification* is relevant to 23 classes of support (refer to the table on this link) and is a desk top assessment methodology (e.g. there is no on site visit by Assessors, your documents are reviewed via the Commissions portal System).

 Assessment Details

Service providers must start the registration process by applying with the NDIS Commission. During the application process providers will select the registration groups the describe the services to be provided and will answer some questions about what those services will entail. The Commissions System will then set up a profile and provide provide the service access to an on line self assessment tailored to the registration groups the provider has indicated they intend to provide. NOTE, it is essential providers have clear understanding of the registration groups being selected and the ongoing requirements the Commission will place on providers for different registration groups.

Once the application has been completed the Commission will provide a letter advising the provider of the time frame for assessment to be completed. Assessment to the NDIS Practice Standards is an essential part of meeting the full registration requirements. As described above, assessment will be by either Verification (desk top assessment) or Certification (on site assessment) based on the registration groups applied for.

To request a proposal for the assessment providers can download a “Initial Scope of Audit” document from their profile in the Commissions System. That Initial Scope of Audit document has all the detail HDAA requires to provide you a proposal for assessment.

Once you have a contract with HDAA for NDIS Practice Standards assessment we will “link” your profile in the Commissions System with ours to confirm to the Commission you are underway! We can then step you through the process to prepare for your particular type of assessment:

Key steps 

  1. apply to the NDIS Commission to start your registration process and set up a profile in the Commissions system.
  2. complete the on line self assessment in the Commissions System.
  3. contact HDAA for a quote by sending your “Initial Scope of Audit” document to us.
  4. HDAA works with you to either complete your on line verification assessment or plan your certification assessment activity

At any stage you can contact HDAA on 1800 601 696 for individualised guidance to help navigate the application process and start your assessment to the NDIS Practice Standards.



NDIS website – with detail specific to NSW Specialist Disability service providers.

NDIS Transition information – NSW Transitional Quality Assurance & Safeguards Working Arrangements (pdf)

How to Register with the NDIA for the delivery of specialist disability services in NSW.