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Attendant care services

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HDAA Experience with Assessing the ACIS

HDAA is one of only a very few Certification Bodies accredited by JAS-ANZ and approved to work with the Attendant Care Industry Association to provide certification services to the Attendant Care Industry Certification Standards (ACICS)..

As a specialist human services certification body, the HDAA Program team and our Assessor Network have the unique skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive, supportive and insightful assessment services.

HDAA can discuss the steps to certification with you, any specific needs or queries you have and provide an obligation free proposal for assessment and certification services for your consideration.

Program Details

What is ACIS?

The Attendant Care Industry Standard (ACIS) is the national quality management standard that specifically addresses the provision of attendant care services. The standards are owned by the Attendant Care Industry Association and are recognised by a number of government bodies, including Ageing, Disability & Home Care (ADHC) in NSW.

The ACIS are applicable to any attendant care provider offering low, moderate or high levels of support for people to live in their community. Service providers choosing to achieve certification to the ACIS are making a statement about, and commitment to, the value of quality systems to deliver services for people receiving care.

HDAA is with you every step of the way to support you identify what is required and help manage realistic time frames to meet your goals.

Service providers undertaking ACIS certification enrol with the ACIA and obtain a licensed copy of the ACIS and a self-assessment document which is completed prior to the assessment visit. Assessments involve an on-site visit to your head office to review your quality management system and documentation, visit to sites where you provide services, interviews with a sample of people who you provide care for and meetings with staff, managers and Board.

HDAA Assessor teams include a registered nurse and all our Assessors working with attendant care services for the ACIS have received specific training on the standards from the ACIA.

Certification to the ACIS is for 3 years with an annual maintenance assessment cycle. The assessment cycle can be linked to other certification cycles your organisation has to maximise efficiency, minimise disruption to your services and be cost effective.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how HDAA can assist your service with assessment to the ACIS.

Assessment Preparation

Preparing for your ACIS Assessment

Contact us by email or phone 1800 601 696 to discuss your service’s individual needs, relevant transition details and to identify a suitable date with sufficient lead time to feel comfortable and prepare for your service’s transition.

To support your assessment planning, HDAA will provide you with clear information and guidance in regard to the evidence requirements, clarification of the specific time frames to meet your assessment cycle needs and an easy to use, comprehensive self-assessment document and improvement action plan system.

The Key Features of Assessment for Certification

An Assessment for Certification involves two key steps:

Stage 1 – a self-assessment and document review of your quality management system by a HDAA Assessor. A report of the findings of Stage 1 is provided to assist you to prepare for Stage 2.
Stage 2 – a visit to your Head Office and to a sample of your sites/locations, meeting with people who use your services, volunteers, staff, management and Board.

Throughout the Assessment we work together with you to provide:

  • Access to HDAA’s Program Support team to clarify the requirements of the standards and discuss the assessment or other relevant matters;
  • A fully participatory and inclusive approach by our Assessment Teams;
  • Experienced and skilled Assessors who have worked with these standards and other human services assessment programs;
  • Assessors with relevant disability and child safety services expertise.
Assessment Details

What an assessment involves

Key Features of Assessment for initial certification

  • Pre-visit co-ordination;
  • Pre-review of documentation by Assessment Team;
  • Visit by the Assessor/s;
  • Post-assessment report development;
  • Quality review of assessment reports by an independent Principle Assessor;
  • Draft assessment report provided for your feedback;
  • Certification panel decision making;
  • Final assessment report forwarded to you and the Department of Communities.

Our aim is for your assessment report to provide a blueprint for your ongoing continuous improvement plan. Remember your Assessor is available to discuss your assessment and answer any questions you may have at each step in the process.

Maintenance review (Surveillance Assessment)

Maintenance Review involves working with you to assess your ongoing implementation of the standards and to determine your progress with your improvement plan. It provides you with assurance on how you are progressing against the standards and your previous Assessment and occurs at 12 months from your Certification (or re-certification) assessment.

The maintenance assessment includes on-site visits and, at a minimum, ensures:

  • That previously identified corrective actions are closed out, as stated in the improvement plan;
  • That management review, monitoring and internal assessment processes are functioning effectively;
  • The effective interaction between all elements of the quality management system;
  • That overall system effectiveness and integrity is maintained in the light of changes in operations;
  • That there is demonstrated commitment to maintaining the effectiveness of the system;
  • That there is consultation with service users.

The maintenance assessment usually involves:

  • Pre-visit co-ordination;
  • A review of your service in relation to a sample of standards and the previous Assessment for Certification (or Re-certification);
  • Discussions with staff;
  • Discussion with you on any improvements;
  • Provision of a full Maintenance Assessment Report.

Re-certification Assessment

Certification is for a period of three years from the date the Certificate decision is made following the on-site Assessment for Certification visit. Re-certification is required to maintain certification. The re-certification process is an assessment to a selection of the standards. The Re-certification assessment will be similar to Stage 2 of an Assessment for Certification.


ACIS Resources

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Looking for a Certified Provider?

Certified Attendant Care Services are registered with JAS-ANZ with details also publicly available on the ACIA website.