Human Services Northern Territory

Human services Northern Territory

Our Experience

HDAA is experienced with assessing disability service providers in the Northern Territory as we were the sole certification body selected by the Northern Territory Government, Office of Disability, to work with the Northern Territory Quality and Safeguarding Framework (Framework) during the launch year of 2017. We are proud to continue to provide assessments to the Framework for disability service providers registering with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Our HDAA Program team and Assessor network have the unique skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive, supportive and insightful assessment services. We understand the importance of considering the culture and capacity of organisations and sites/outlets in remote communities, including indigenous and multi-cultural communities when planning assessments.

With HDAA as your assessment agency, you can be assured that we will do everything we can to make the assessment experience both positive and valuable. Our aim is to walk beside you on your journey to improvement and help you at every stage.

Program Details

The Northern Territory Government developed the Framework with the primary purpose of ensuring that quality and safeguarding requirements are met for providers delivering disability supports under the NDIS in the Northern Territory.

Providers wishing to provide NDIS supports are required to participate in an assessment process against the Framework, including existing, new and expanding providers.

The Framework is designed to help:

  • ensure the right providers are delivering the right supports through the right support staff;
  • ensure supports are delivered in an appropriate manner, that they reflect and respond to the needs and goals of the individual;
  • ensure people with disability have access to information and education to make informed decisions;
  • ensure participants in receipt of support are safe from the risk of harm, abuse and neglect;
  • protect and promote the rights of people with disability;
  • allow participants to take reasonable risks to achieve their goals.

The Framework has an alignment with the National Standards for Disability Services and other relevant standards and has a strong emphasis on cultural safety, security and competency as well as remote service provision. The Framework provides a level of flexibility to ensure service providers are given the opportunity to continually improve and innovate over time to meet the needs of participants.

We look forward to discussing how HDAA can assist your service with assessment to the Framework.

Assessment Preparation

To prepare for an assessment to the Framework, the Northern Territory Government will provide you with a Service Description form so that HDAA can learn about you, what types of disability supports your organisation provides and the details we need to confirm the scope of the assessment.
The Northern Territory Government will also provide you with access to the online Self-Assessment.

This Self-Assessment is an opportunity for providers to:

  • confirm areas where your service is meeting the Framework domains and elements;
  • identify gaps in current systems, processes and practices that do not meet Framework requirements;
  • plan immediate and ongoing actions to address any identified gaps in systems, processes and practices;
  • identify additional opportunities for improvement, to support continuous improvement and innovation.

Upon completion of the Self-Assessment tool, a Self-Assessment Report is generated which records evidence of current good practice and identifies areas for further improvement against each Framework domain. This Report is a useful tool to assist providers to prepare for the independent assessment by identifying priority actions.

Assessment Details

The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that providers are able to satisfy the requirements of the Framework to be registered as a provider of quality supports to people with disability in the Northern Territory.
The Framework takes a risk-based approach to ensure that the areas where the risks are greatest and the consequences of harm most severe are addressed.

The Framework covers five key domains and corresponding elements with associated indicators of good practice, i.e.:

Domain 1 – Governance and financial management

Domain 2 – Workforce planning and development

Domain 3 – Person-centred planning and practice

Domain 4 – Safeguarding

Domain 5 – Cultural safety, security and competence

The assessment process takes into consideration the following:

  1. Existing Northern Territory disability supports providers
  2. Providers of disability supports in the Northern Territory that are registered and wish to expand service types
  3. Providers of disability supports registered in other jurisdictions
  4. New providers seeking to deliver NDIS supports in the Northern Territory
  5. Sole traders intending to register as a provider of disability supports in the Northern Territory under the NDIS
  6. Streamlined assessment processes for select service types.

The assessment involves two key steps: a provider Self-Assessment and an independent assessment conducted on-site by approved assessors who have the required qualifications, skills and experience.

At the conclusion of the independent assessment, a Quality Improvement Plan will be prepared for the service provider that identifies key areas of strength and areas for further development for each domain.