Introducing National Disability Practitioners, or NDP, – a New professional association for the disability workforce.

Wendy Cohen, NDP Executive Officer said, “Across Australia there are more than 70,000 specialist disability practitioners delivering frontline services to people with disability. We expect the number of frontline disability staff to double by 2020 as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out.”

Wendy concluded, “NDP aims to support the disability workforce, creating and maintaining standards of service delivery and enabling more skilled and knowledgeable staff to better meet the needs of people with disability.”
NDP members will benefit from:

    • engaging information and news;
    • sector specific training and education leading to meaningful and sustainable professional development,
    • career pathways leading to accreditation and certification;
    • extensive peer and mentor networks; and
    • much deserved recognition programs including awards, grants, scholarships and a national employee day.

To find out more about NDP visit the website and watch this introductory video via NDPtv.

Disability Sector Information

The State of the Disability Sector report released this week by National Disability Services Found that:

  • the estimated total of 55,160,090 hours of front line disability services were provided across Australia last year;
  • across Australia there are 2,151 disability support organisations;
  • that on average each disability support organisation employed 27 paid full-time equivalent staff;
  • staff in the disability sector tend to be highly engaged, and are particularly satisfied with their job and the nature of the work they do;
  • staff tend to feel that their organisation is successful in meeting its objectives and clients’ needs;
  • 96% of staff like the work they do – 24% higher than the all-industry average job satisfaction rate ; and
  • 82% of staff in the disability sector are satisfied with their work-life balance, 9% higher than the all-industry average job satisfaction rate.

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