We Promise To Provide You The Very Best In Human & Health Audit & Assessment Services

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HDAA is an audit and assessment agency committed to the very best in service delivery. As a HDAA client, you will receive a level of support and expertise that is second to none.

We provide a full range of assessment services across Australia for Human Services and Health providers. We pride ourselves in designing services that meet the expectations of providers while also meeting the standards relative to their organisation.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about assessment and certification or to discuss your needs and streamline multiple assessments. If you are with another certification agency, we can provide assurance that if you transfer to HDAA, there is continuity of your certification or accreditation.

Rising Phoenix

Our purpose is to work in ways that lead to better lives. Every day we’re inspired by the people we meet who continue to rise above in the face of great challenges. Rising Phoenix is a simply breathtaking tribute – turn up your speakers and watch the official lyric video above.

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