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Janet Davidson McGown, Director Assessor Performance, provides an overview of HDAA’s Technology Assisted Assessments

Keeping assessments happening during COVID-19

Assessments are continuing

HDAA is internationally accredited and authorised to provide off-site assessments using information and communication technologies. This has allowed us to continue to complete assessments effectively during the restrictions brought on by COVID-19.  Organisations have embraced this new method of assessment and most have been able to continue with their assessments and have them completed to schedule.  Certification cycles have been retained without the need for an assessor physically visiting the organisation’s locations. We call these assessments “Technology Assisted Assessments” (TA Assessments).

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HDAA supports ours clients by assessing and auditing for many programs


Queensland’s most experienced provider of HSQS

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Human Services - Victoria

Integrating differing management standards to meet DHHS standards certification

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Mental Health Services

Assessments that provide quality assurance in mental health services

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“It has been a very helpful and positive experience working with HDAA, so please accept our sincere gratitude for making the process easier.”


“Many thanks to you and your colleagues who have supported and advised us through this important process and for always being readily available whenever we needed you”


HDAA Has Been Proudly Supporting Our Clients For Over 12 Years

HDAA is an audit and assessment agency committed to the very best in service delivery. As a HDAA client, you will receive a level of support and expertise that is second to none.

We provide a full range of assessment services across Australia for Human Services and Health providers. We pride ourselves in designing services that meet the expectations of providers while also meeting the standards relative to their organisation.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about assessment and certification or to discuss your needs and streamline multiple assessments. If you are with another certification agency, we can provide assurance that if you transfer to HDAA, there is continuity of your certification or accreditation.


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