5 Benefits of Accreditation in Healthcare


March 2022

Diagram listing benefits of accreditation
Wondering what the real benefits to health accreditation are? Or are you already convinced, but need to convince your health service that the benefits to accreditation are worth it?

Whatever your motivation, we know you’re busy, so we’ve put together our Top Five benefits of accreditation – though there are many more!

1.   Consumer confidence

Nothing reassures consumers like certificates on the wall. We know it is true, because we are all patients ourselves. We want to know the people looking after us are independently verified as safe.

You may have heard the old adage, “You can’t put a price on your health.” Consumers are willing to pay for a service that they know is safe, and accreditation assures them they are safer choosing you than an unaccredited service. It is that simple.

2.   Workforce

Attracting and retaining talent is a key issue for health services right now.

One of the benefits to health accreditation that you may not have considered is that your service stands a better chance of attracting the best and most talented people if it demonstrates a commitment to quality improvement and embedding a safety culture.

The best people want to be part of the best organisations. 

Studies and reports, such as the Improving Nurse Retention and Productivity Report, continually show that culture is a key consideration in how staff rate their employment, and that health practitioners continually choose to work for (and stay at) health services with a positive workplace culture. Embedding the safety and quality systems required for accreditation is a great way to show staff you are serious about improving and protecting both staff and consumers by ensuring a safe and supportive culture.

3.   Excellence

If you want to see excellence in your health service, health accreditation is the first step. Accreditation requires health services to set up the systems that embed a culture of quality improvement.

If you want to see your health service shine, giving staff the opportunity to create and explore quality improvement projects is the way to go. Using quality improvement systems means using evidence-based, tried and tested methods to help your service reach its full potential in all the areas you want to grow.

4.   Innovation

You know there are better ways to do the tasks your health service does every day, but you are just one person. Introducing systems that enable your staff to bring their ideas to the table, test them in real time and report on results encourages and rewards innovation.

Health accreditation is based on embedding these principles into your business and making a commitment to quality in all you do. When you make it clear that quality is a priority, staff feel supported and encouraged to voice new ideas and ways to do things better.

Quality Management Systems aren’t just there to win accreditation – they are there to take your service to the next level! Services with health accreditation are also more likely to attract grant and research funding to put new innovations to the test.

5.   Risk management

Managing your risk is a key benefit of health accreditation, and one of the most important. Don’t let risks keep you awake at night, when you can manage and neutralise risks to patients, staff and management (especially you!) with a simple, evidence-based approach.

Our assessors are not just there to assess your performance, many of our clients have told us they glean useful ideas and knowledge from the assessors to help them reduce their risks even further. The solutions may be simpler than you think!

Initiatives such as keeping consent registers, registering risks so everyone is responsible for the solution, and seeking consumer input are all low-cost methods for tackling risks.

Accreditation doesn’t have to be expensive. Like engaging a good lawyer, or buying good shoes, the initial outlay is always offset by the savings. Enquire now to find out how health accreditation could benefit your service.

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