Transferring to HDAA

If you are currently certified or accredited by another Certification Body (CB) but are thinking about transferring to HDAA, we can work with you and your current CB to complete an easy and smooth transfer of your certification. Simply contact us on or any of our team members directly, and we will begin the process for you.

During the transfer process, HDAA will work with you and your current CB to obtain copies of relevant certification documents such as your last audit report and certificate schedule. Once all required documents and information has been received and submitted for review through the HDAA approval process, we will finalise your status as an HDAA certified or accredited service provider and begin working with you towards your next assessment.

“I wish to reiterate our thanks to the auditors for their sensitive approach to our employees and clients during the audit.  All of their comments and updates were strengths focused and person centred which we all appreciated.

I wish to also thank you for your consistent, professional, efficient and timely management in the transition to HDAA and our HSQF Maintenance Audit.”

“Our experience with HDAA was very positive.  We were provided with advance notice of the required documentation and were given enough time to rectify any matters.  We had two very experienced auditors undertake our audit and the entire process was much less daunting than previous audits. I highly recommend HDAA.”

How Can HDAA Help You Today?

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Assessments

HDAA is your experienced NDIS assessment partner that can provide both verification and certification asssessments

NSQHSS Dental Services

The ACSQHC has granted approval to HDAA to assess health service organisations using the NSQHSS for Dental Practices.

Diagnostic Imaging (DIAS) Accreditation

HDAA has been an approved accreditor for DIAS since its implementation in 2008.

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HDAA provides assessment and certification services for numerous Australian standards. View our range of services from the HDAA home page.