DI Standards


DI standards

The DIAS and Standards have undergone review and some changes have been made, primarily to clarify requirements, address ambiguities and inconsistencies and ensure alignment with the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards produced by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. No new standards have been introduced.

All practices undergoing accreditation from 1 January 2016 will be assessed against the revised standards whether entering the scheme, progressing from Entry Level to Full Suite or undergoing re-accreditation to the Full Suite of Standards.

With the formal release of the revised   DIAS 2015 Standards there is a new User Guide and set of templates for practices preparing for accreditation. The resources can be accessed from your members onTrack portal or the Department of Health’s website here DIAS 2015 resources.

What’s the difference between entry level and the full suite standards

A new practice (new business or new entrant to the scheme) can choose either the Entry Level or the Full Suite of Standards.

Entry Level accreditation consists of three (3) Standards and provides two (2) years accreditation. Entry Level accreditation can only be undertaken once. A practice choosing the Entry Level Standards initially must then apply for and achieve accreditation to the Full Suite of Standards.

Accreditation to the Full Suite of Standards requires assessment to the 15 standards and provides four (4) years diagnostic imaging accreditation. Your practice must then be re-accredited to the Full Suite of Standards every four years.

Enrol For DIAS Accreditation

HDAA can accredit your practice for either Entry Level or the Full Suite of Standards.

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Resources to help you prepare your application for accreditation

The guidance materials developed by the Department of Health include detailed information on each standard explaining the intent of the Standard, what evidence is required and provides optional templates that you can refer to or use to develope evidence that meets the Standards.

HDAA strongly endorses these guidance materials and word templates for practices seeking support with preparing for accreditation.

The DIAS User Guide (updated April 2020) and templates are here.