Fee Options

We can help you manage the cost of accreditation

In response to feedback from some practices we have a choice of payment arrangements for Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation. The arrangements are Annual Membership or Pay-As-You-Go.


Enrolling with HDAA for the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme enables you to choose a structure from two payment options that best suits your practice for the next four year accreditation period.

Choose from either annual membership or pay-as-you-go

Annual membership

Annual Membership ensures you are supported in the Scheme by having access to the HDAA Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Team when you require it. This option is all inclusive for any assessment, accreditation activity, and support you may require during the period. The accreditation fees are fixed for four years and paid on receipt of invoice from HDAA. The aim of the Annual Membership is to assist your practice to budget and manage the costs of accreditation with the assurance that support from HDAA’s diagnostic imaging accreditation team is on hand when you require and without incurring additional cost.

By maintaining your Annual Membership you will be able to budget your annual accreditation costs for the next four years and get all the support you require; including your assessment for Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation.


The Pay-As-You-Go fee arrangement provides an opportunity for your practice to pay for your accreditation activity as and when you need it. Accreditation services and support have a cost that will be payable when the relevant service is provided. The aim is to provide practices with the opportunity to manage the cost of accreditation on an “as needed” basis.


Category of LSPN Fee paid annually for 4 years Fee for Entry Level Accreditation Fee for Full Suite Accreditation
2 or less imaging practitioners $405 $498 $1,625
3 to 5 imaging practitioners $459 $595 $1,845
6 to 20 imaging practitioners $561 $726 $2,275
21 to 50 imaging practitioners $790 $925 $3,219
Over 50 imaging practitioners Negotiable – contact HDAA Negotiable – contact HDAA
No other costs apply for other accreditation activity and support Hourly rate of $220 (in minimum 15 minute units) for other accreditation activity and support

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