Our Client Testimonials

Feedback on administrative support – 18 December, 2020

“I love working with HDAA and there is always someone to assist you, answer queries and who has generally ‘got your back’.  I would like to give some targeted feedback about Nicola though who I have worked a lot with over this year…Nicola gets everything ready, provides any information I need, answers all of my questions and assists wherever she can efficiently.  She is always positive, helpful and supportive and a pleasure to work with.”

Certification Assessment – 12 November, 2020

“I can confidently say that the stakeholders thought your team’s audit was the most comprehensive and efficient of those we undertook. This is in large part due to the amount of stage one planning you undertook, as well as the strong competencies of the audit team, and knowledge and experience of [service delivery] settings in particular.”

Technology Assisted Assessment – Human Services Quality Framework – 14 October, 2020

“The assessor made the process easy and was very clear with HSQF requirements, very patient with us and flexible with us. The assessment went well, the assessor was very flexible with changes when needed. We would prefer TAA next time.

Technology Assisted Assessment – NDIS Certification – 12 October, 2020

“While missing the direct human presence of a face to face assessment, we found that the TAA approach worked very well. Having become used to Zoom meetings and screen sharing, we were comfortable with the model from the outset. Meetings occurred on time and very successfully. Invites were delivered and worked as expected. The Gateway uploads worked very well. Notwithstanding their physical remoteness, the Assessors still managed to present a warm, understanding and encouraging approach which was very much appreciated.

We did miss the opportunity to bribe the Assessors with tasty pastries and barista coffee for morning and afternoon tea, but this is probably a good thing overall for the integrity of the assessment process!

Supplementary benefits were a reduction in costs due to no travel expenses, and travel time savings for all involved. Much of the success of this model is, I believe, thanks to the expertise and understanding of your client liaison in helping us prepare for the assessment. This ensured that we had the knowledge required, and our key people prepared, which enabled all elements of the TAA to operate almost flawlessly. The only (and very few) hiccups were due to short internet outages, when phone WiFi hotspots were relied on. These were not substantive problems. Overall, we found it to be a very successful assessment model which achieved a very satisfactory outcome.”

Technology Assisted Assessment – HDAA Client Gateway – 29 September, 2020

“I just want to say how impressed I am with HDAA process and your gateway info – streamlined, clear and very helpful to guide the process..

Support from the HDAA team – 23 September, 2020

“The process was seamless because of Christine who was extremely supportive, friendly and knowledgeable. She was willing to answer any questions and always had a lovely manner about her.

Technology Assisted Assessment – NDIS Certification – 13 August, 2020

“Thank you so much Kellie! Honestly, if JAS-ANZ wants to assess HDAA, I hope they come to me because I will give you folk a very big tick.  You have been so helpful and responsive.”

NDIS Verification – 15 June, 2020

“… we started the NDIS application process about 3 weeks ago for our company to be approved under the NDIS for Home Mods.  Claire (at HDAA) made the task easier and was extremely professional and supportive….The submission was uploaded on 4 June and we received advice today 15 June that it had been approved.  Given it is usually a 3-6 month waiting time, we are delighted…”

Technology Assisted Assessment – NDIS Provisional Certification – 12 June, 2020

“I found the process brilliant. Julie is great at her job and made us feel so relaxed. Honestly, I will be recommending your company to who ever will listen.”

Technology Assisted Assessment – Human Services Quality Framework Recertification – 26 May, 2020

“We were extremely pleased with how our HSQF Recertification assessment went, in regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic it worked really well having the Technology to be able to complete the assessment through Zoom meetings and using Dropbox. Bernadette was excellent, she explained everything clearly and provided regular feedback throughout the audit. We would have no issues in having Bernadette as our auditor again in the future.”

NDIS Verification – 8 May, 2020

“QLD Stoma Association Ltd will now become the first ostomy association in Australia to be registered as an NDIS provider, and I thank HDAA for the invaluable assistance given to make this possible. There are another 20 stoma associations located throughout Australia so we will be sure to recommend HDAA should they also wish to become registered in the future.”

Technology Assisted Assessment – NDIS Certification – 24 April, 2020 

“… just want to thank HDAA for the fabulous experience we have had with our first NDIS certification audit.  Peta and Anthea were just wonderful.  They guided us through the process, were very knowledgeable about the type of services were are providing and want to improve and we actually enjoyed the process.  I can’t say I have ever ‘enjoyed’ an audit before.” 

NDIS Certification – 11 March, 2020

“We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by HDAA and would like to commend Jill for her services. Jill made the audit process smooth and easier to understand. She was really well organised which ensured an efficient and effective audit process.”

Human Services Quality Standards Recertification – 17 October, 2019

“…we would like to thank HDAA for undertaking our re-certification against the Human Services Quality Standards.  Feedback from staff involved in the process have included comments on the professionalism and genuine interest shown by the assessors for the staff and the services we are delivering to our clients.” 

Anglicare Southern Queensland 

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