Client Testimonials

NDIS Recertification – October 2022

The team were very open and honest and supportive, the whole process felt as though they were their to guide, support and help us identify areas of improvement, without judgement or playing the “Big Stick” role.

HSQF Certification – October 2022

(Assessors) were outstanding in their work and incredibly easy to work with. They took a genuine interest in our service and provided support where needed. I was absolutely blown away at how easy this part of the process was.

HSS and NSDS Recertification – September 2022

We feel extremely satisfied with our audit preparation, meetings on the day and final report. It was great to have (assessor) again who is familiar with our business and service delivery.

NDIS Verification – August 2022

Rochelle Walker was very knowledgeable and helpful. Her professionalism and patience were demonstrated throughout the verification process. We would certainly choose HDAA again for the future reverification assessment and would highly recommend HDAA to others.

NDIS Recertification – July 2022

We found the pricing extremely reasonable and competitive, and the proposal was very clear and easy to understand. This was the best audit process I have experienced. The auditors were very professional, and offered great insights and feedback. There was no request that went unanswered and we had a really good pre-purchase experience that instilled great confidence in our choice.

HSS / ISO 9001 Recertification – January 2022

We would like to thank, and acknowledge the professionalism of the auditors whom attended the service. [The auditors] were not only diligent in their undertaking of the audit but also demonstrated clear understanding of the community services field which allowed for genuine, open and in-depth dialogue within the service parameters to be had amongst both parties. We would happily welcome them back for ongoing monitoring of the re-certification.

HSQF Certification – December 2021

[The assessors] were extremely professional and supportive to all members of the organisation during the assessment. It was the first audit for a number of the front line staff and they were concerned about what to expect. Numerous members of the teams have commented on how knowledgeable they both are and generous in sharing their knowledge and experiences; thus allowing people to feel much calmer, able to communicate more effectively and understand the audit process. The audit was extremely thorough and therefore provided us all with the opportunity to reflect on what we are currently doing and where we are headed.

Thanks also to the office team for the support leading up to the audit.

HSQF Maintenance – September 2021

I wish to reiterate our thanks to the auditors for their sensitive approach to our employees and clients during the audit.  All of their comments and updates were strengths focused and person centred which we all appreciated.  

I wish to also thank you for your consistent, professional, efficient and timely management in the transition to HDAA and our HSQF Maintenance Audit.

NDIS Certification – 1 July, 2021

“Our experience with HDAA was very positive.  We were provided with advance notice of the required documentation and were given enough time to rectify any matters.  We had two very experienced auditors undertake our audit and the entire process was much less daunting than previous audits. I highly recommend HDAA.”

Lead Assessor – April, 2021

“I cannot speak highly enough of the HDAA team. The Program Leads are professional, friendly and caring and always make you feel as if they are focused on you, even though they may have many other things happening at the same time. Their emails always have a personal side to them and even though we don’t get to see face to face, it is easy to form a bond with them.

[Senior Managers] are extremely supportive with any queries I have and make themselves available at short notice to talk out any issues. Again I’m sure they have many other things going on, however they never make you feel as it is a bother and reinforce there are never any ‘dumb questions’. I always look forward to the weekly newsletters, which are such a benefit and I continually learn from them. [You have] done an amazing job of the gateway, providing easy access to upcoming assessments, resources, payments etc.

I love the way HDAA continues to strive to improve and makes changes to make assessment process easier and more effective. I feel very privileged to be part of such an amazing team, who continually support me, not only professionally but on a personal level as well.”

Lead Assessor – April, 2021

Thanks for the support. Enjoy being part of the HDAA team. Great comms and ongoing improvements.

Mental Health – 25 February, 2021

“The team were incredibly supportive, helpful and approachable. It was an educational experience, and dare I say enjoyable?!”

Mental Health – 24 February, 2021

Thanks – you have all been incredibly helpful and friendly and approachable. A real pleasure to work with.” 

NDIS Verification – 6 February, 2021

“Just wanted to give feedback on your organisation (I did fill in the survey also) but I wanted to make special mention of how wonderful Claire was to deal with. She was super responsive, replying quickly to all my queries, she was really helpful in providing guidance about what documents I had to lodge (as I wasn’t entirely sure) and she is an wonderful warm person. Essentially, I was shopping around for auditors, and the price was pretty much the same from all the quotes I received, so in the end I chose you because when I rang to speak with Claire she was really friendly and helpful. You also offered a much faster turnaround time, with the others saying it would 3-4 weeks before an auditor would even look at my case. With you guys I was done and dusted in less than 7 days from my initial phone call to sign off.  I would definitely recommend you guys to others needing NDIS audits.” 

Technology Assisted Assessment – Human Services Quality Framework – 14 October, 2020

“The assessor made the process easy and was very clear with HSQF requirements, very patient with us and flexible with us. The assessment went well, the assessor was very flexible with changes when needed. We would prefer TAA next time.

Technology Assisted Assessment – HDAA Client Gateway – 29 September, 2020

“I just want to say how impressed I am with HDAA process and your gateway info – streamlined, clear and very helpful to guide the process..

Support from the HDAA team – 23 September, 2020

“The process was seamless because of Christine who was extremely supportive, friendly and knowledgeable. She was willing to answer any questions and always had a lovely manner about her.

Technology Assisted Assessment – NDIS Certification – 13 August, 2020

“Thank you so much Kellie! Honestly, if JAS-ANZ wants to assess HDAA, I hope they come to me because I will give you folk a very big tick.  You have been so helpful and responsive.”

Technology Assisted Assessment – NDIS Provisional Certification – 12 June, 2020

“I found the process brilliant. Julie is great at her job and made us feel so relaxed. Honestly, I will be recommending your company to who ever will listen.”

Technology Assisted Assessment – Human Services Quality Framework Recertification – 26 May, 2020

“We were extremely pleased with how our HSQF Recertification assessment went, in regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic it worked really well having the Technology to be able to complete the assessment through Zoom meetings and using Dropbox. Bernadette was excellent, she explained everything clearly and provided regular feedback throughout the audit. We would have no issues in having Bernadette as our auditor again in the future.”

NDIS Certification – 11 March, 2020

“We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by HDAA and would like to commend Jill for her services. Jill made the audit process smooth and easier to understand. She was really well organised which ensured an efficient and effective audit process.”

Technology Assisted Assessment – 28 May, 2020

“It was a pleasure working with you. You made something that initially appeared daunting so easy.”

NDIS Certification – 15 January, 2020

“I am very grateful for your excellent service. You have made the challenging process of selecting an auditor much easier. Your patience and your friendly, efficient service has been the reason we chose HDAA to be our NDIS auditor.”

Human Services Quality Standards Recertification – 17 October, 2019

“…we would like to thank HDAA for undertaking our re-certification against the Human Services Quality Standards.  Feedback from staff involved in the process have included comments on the professionalism and genuine interest shown by the assessors for the staff and the services we are delivering to our clients.” 

Anglicare Southern Queensland 

NDIS Certification – 17 June, 2019

“Firstly I want to acknowledge the fantastic support that we received from Penny in preparation for both the desk top audit and site visit. As the process is new we had many queries and issues to clarify and Penny provided timely responses and was always happy to
talk through any concerns. Her support was very much appreciated. Secondly we wanted to provide positive feedback about the two auditors, Julie and Alex, who conducted the site visit. Being audited is always stressful however Julie as the lead auditor had a transparent and open approach that really put staff at ease. Both auditors were of exceptional quality and highly respectful of (our) staff and their knowledge and skills. We very much appreciated their approach. We are very pleased to have completed the NDIS auditing process and to have received such positive feedback from the auditors. Thank you.”

12 March, 2019

“We were so impressed with both Janet and Julie at our audit – their approach was professional yet approachable and collegiate, and we felt very supported
in our processes to achieve accreditation.”

12 March, 2019

“We were so impressed with both Janet and Julie at our audit – their approach was professional yet approachable and collegiate, and we felt very supported
in our processes to achieve accreditation.”

4 October, 2018

“We got notified we have reached accreditation…I am so grateful to you for your guidance and expertise on this matter, you have helped me enormously and your customer service is amazing.”

7 June, 2018

“I’d like to reiterate our thanks for sending Peta and Anthea who were fabulous and helped us to all feel as
relaxed through the process as possible. And thank you for understanding our need to get it all moved through as soon as possible.”

7 May, 2018

“(The Assessors) were great! As a lead, Dawn was organised, flexible, professional and asked questions in a very personable way. Feedback from other staff and participants was that discussions were very easy to
participate in.”

16 November, 2017

“I would like to say that we all thought Janet was wonderful, patient and a great support, she really made me feel at ease and made the process something that was easy to understand. And thank you to you and your staff for making it such an easy and stress free process.”

2 November, 2017

“Mary and Janet were great! Both ladies were wonderful and gave us plenty of feedback. Please extend my thanks to both Mary and Janet. The assessment went better than we expected, we have some work to do but we are pretty happy.”

22 March, 2017

“I wanted to say thank you so much for making this experience so easy. You and the team of staff that we have had contact with have been so helpful and I
am so grateful.”

21 March, 2017

“I believe that HDAA choose a auditor that is willing to understood how we work as a service both in the back and front ends. Terrence is a auditor that I would recommend to other Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander and Cultured services. Terrence has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he was able to speak to through the licensing process. Terrence has strong boundaries and ethics that were complemented with his way of engaging and communicating with us as management and our team. Our organisation has gained from this experience and look forward to seeing Terrence in our review in 2018.”

15 September, 2016

“It has been a great pleasure to work with you and HDAA. You have always responded to questions promptly and nothing was every any trouble. HDAA has, without a doubt, been one of the best organisations I have had worked with during my 40 plus years in the work force.”

22 June, 2015

“Many thanks for all your support in assisting in achieving verification. It has been a lot of hard work, but we are very pleased with the result and our aim is to continue reviewing and improving on what we have achieved. I have nothing but positive feedback re HDAA in relation to our assessment experience, from initial contact and throughout the verification process. Once again, thank you!”

30 January, 2015

“We enjoyed their approach to the Verification process and found their relaxed yet thorough method of working refreshing and appropriate to the task.”

21 November, 2014

““Thank you for letting us know of this great news! To say that we’re relieved is an understatement. Thanks for the support offered to (us) by HDAA, what a great group of people you guys are!”

9 July, 2014

“Thank you for yesterday. You made the experience far easier and less stressful than I imagined. I am very pleased with the outcomes you identified and the help you gave in how to improve.”

25 February, 2014

“Working with Brian, Suzanne and Lisa has made the process very easy and we would like to Thank You all for your support.”

23 August, 2013

“I love your OnTrack. So easy and fast, not like others!”

1 July, 2013

“I would like to again reiterate (our) comments to you last week. We found (HDAA Assessor) to be very encouraging and constructive. He led the audit with ‘humbleness’ and for that we thank him greatly.”

12 April, 2013

“On behalf of our department, we gratefully thank all of the staff at HDAA for your service.”

1 March, 2013

“We would like to pass on our appreciation for the approach HDAA auditors took in performing their roles. (Service provider) staff have provided very positive feedback about the professional, supportive and informative communications they had throughout the audit process. (HDAA) also provided us with useful and timely information, to ensure preparation for audit went smoothly, with a minimum of disruption to our service activities.”

25 June, 2013

“(Assessor’s) professionalism and reassurance was wonderful and gave the (Organisation) team (many of whom were experiencing their first audit process) a fantastic introduction to the benefits of the auditing process. (Assessor’s) insight and passion for the work we provide within the Disability sector is clearly a strength within his Auditor’s skills set. He is definitely an asset to HDAA. It was a wonderful opportunity to review our practice and set our goals for the future.”

20 June, 2012

“We consider our auditing experience with HDAA as being of exceptional benefit both as professionals, and for the organisation. The commitment and expertise demonstrated by all concerned has been outstanding. David’s openness to share his wisdom with us has served to inspire us to continue striving to create an organisation of the highest standard to meet the needs of our families.”

19 June, 2012

“Thank you so much for all your helpfulness. The staff at HDAA have been incredibly pleasant, helpful and professional in assisting us achieve accreditation.”

4 June, 2012

“I would like to acknowledge how helpful the members of your DI team were to deal with. The resources provided by HDAA and the assistance offered by your staff, made this process much more clear and simple to complete.”

18 June, 2012

“I value your work and how the HDAA audit team does its job and have reflected this in the survey.”

3 April, 2012

“Thank you for all your help and encouragement in this process. We have both learnt a lot during this process and are very please with what we have been able to achieve given that we are a ‘one woman show’ with limited resources! We were quite daunted in the beginning but as we began our preparations we realised that most of the information/ criteria were already in place and it was just a matter of collating them. Thanks again.”

5 May, 2012

“Thank you again, for all of your assistance. I seriously could not have done this without the help of the HDAA

16 March, 2012

“We found the whole process a positive

29 February, 2012

“Thanks very much Deb and for your
help through this process. The assistance provided by HDAA has been invaluable.”

Lead Assessor – April, 2021

“HDAA is a very supportive organisation, staff are always there to help at any time, professional and always encouraging. I can honestly say that HDAA is the best CB I have ever worked for and through the pandemic were very proactive ensuring that assessments  could be completed through TAA.  The writing tips included in the weekly Special Bulletins have assisted me to improve my report writing.”

NDIS Certification – 25 February, 2021

“We thank you all immensely for your support and guidance throughout this journey, your team has been wonderful.”

NDIS Certification – 23 February, 2021

“Just wanted to say thank you for your support in the lead up to our interim audit and to the entire HDAA team for such a wonderful audit experience. Special thanks to Deb and Amanda for their professionalism and willingness to work alongside us over the past two days.

Feedback on administrative support – 18 December, 2020

“I love working with HDAA and there is always someone to assist you, answer queries and who has generally ‘got your back’.  I would like to give some targeted feedback about Nicola though who I have worked a lot with over this year…Nicola gets everything ready, provides any information I need, answers all of my questions and assists wherever she can efficiently.  She is always positive, helpful and supportive and a pleasure to work with.”

Certification Assessment – 12 November, 2020

“I can confidently say that the stakeholders thought your team’s audit was the most comprehensive and efficient of those we undertook. This is in large part due to the amount of stage one planning you undertook, as well as the strong competencies of the audit team, and knowledge and experience of [service delivery] settings in particular.”

Technology Assisted Assessment – NDIS Certification – 12 October, 2020

“While missing the direct human presence of a face to face assessment, we found that the TAA approach worked very well. Having become used to Zoom meetings and screen sharing, we were comfortable with the model from the outset. Meetings occurred on time and very successfully. Invites were delivered and worked as expected. The Gateway uploads worked very well. Notwithstanding their physical remoteness, the Assessors still managed to present a warm, understanding and encouraging approach which was very much appreciated.

We did miss the opportunity to bribe the Assessors with tasty pastries and barista coffee for morning and afternoon tea, but this is probably a good thing overall for the integrity of the assessment process!

Supplementary benefits were a reduction in costs due to no travel expenses, and travel time savings for all involved. Much of the success of this model is, I believe, thanks to the expertise and understanding of your client liaison in helping us prepare for the assessment. This ensured that we had the knowledge required, and our key people prepared, which enabled all elements of the TAA to operate almost flawlessly. The only (and very few) hiccups were due to short internet outages, when phone WiFi hotspots were relied on. These were not substantive problems. Overall, we found it to be a very successful assessment model which achieved a very satisfactory outcome.”

NDIS Verification – 15 June, 2020

“… we started the NDIS application process about 3 weeks ago for our company to be approved under the NDIS for Home Mods.  Claire (at HDAA) made the task easier and was extremely professional and supportive….The submission was uploaded on 4 June and we received advice today 15 June that it had been approved.  Given it is usually a 3-6 month waiting time, we are delighted…”

NDIS Verification – 8 May, 2020

“QLD Stoma Association Ltd will now become the first ostomy association in Australia to be registered as an NDIS provider, and I thank HDAA for the invaluable assistance given to make this possible. There are another 20 stoma associations located throughout Australia so we will be sure to recommend HDAA should they also wish to become registered in the future.”

Technology Assisted Assessment – NDIS Certification – 24 April, 2020 

“… just want to thank HDAA for the fabulous experience we have had with our first NDIS certification audit.  Peta and Anthea were just wonderful.  They guided us through the process, were very knowledgeable about the type of services were are providing and want to improve and we actually enjoyed the process.  I can’t say I have ever ‘enjoyed’ an audit before.” 

Technology Assisted Assessment – 17 April, 2020 

“It was a pleasure working with you. The entire team mentioned that you managed this “online process”
fantastic and were able to engage extremely effectively with everyone despite these circumstances. We look forward to working with you again.”

Technology Assisted Assessment – 8 July, 2020 

“You have made my year. Thank you so much for your assistance… I’m just over the moon that (service) has
closed out all non-conformities.“

NDIS Verification – 20 June, 2019

“Thanks for your easy contact. I chose you out of a whole list because of your friendliness – makes a difference in the sea of compliance. NDIS service

Diagnostic Imaging – 28 May, 2019

“Big wrap to Andrea. We have had a massive two weeks and she has nailed it for us. She has done a tremendous job. Much appreciated.”

NDIS Certification – 31 May, 2019

“I wanted to let you know that we had a great experience with our auditors and HDAA. (The assessors) were both so lovely and professional and we feel the experience was a real value add for our business. I also wanted to thank you Christine for being so understanding and helpful throughout the process
which I found a little overwhelming at times. We’ve recommended HDAA to our colleagues who are preparing for their (NDIS) audits.”

NSDS – 21 January, 2019

“I was so delighted to have received our certification against the National Disability standards. This is not only a monumental outcome for our little organisation, but also for Katherine and its communities. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your amazing patience, support and guidance you have given me through this process – I am sure I was frustrating at times. Your professionalism was unwavering. (We) look forward to a long working relationship with HDAA as we move forward into the future.”

7 July, 2018

“I would like to thank the assessors and the HDAA team for their support and professionalism throughout the process and we welcome their feedback and guidance to ensure we are constantly improving our services.”

24 May, 2018

“Many thanks to you and your colleagues who have supported and advised us through this important process and for always being readily available whenever we needed you.”

14 May, 2018

“Thanks so much, we received our very flash looking copy of our TPV report in the mail today. Greg is framing and hanging our Certificate as I write. Thanks for a great experience!”

20 November, 2017

“I would like to thank you very much for everything, you have been very professional and supportive. I will definitely recommend you to all the new providers at NSW.”

1 November, 2017

“Thank you for all of your assistance throughout this process. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you over the last few weeks. Thank you to you both for your professionalism when it came to assisting me throughout the process no matter the level of assistance required. You both are a credit to your organisation.”

16 May, 2017

“It has been a very helpful and positive experience working with HDAA, so please accept our sincere gratitude for making the process easier.”

24 March, 2017

“I just wanted to pass on that it was an absolute pleasure to work with the Assessors this week. We were able to really engage with them meaningfully on the work of the MJDF, and any assessment points they covered with us for improvement was done in a constructive, positive and supportive way.”

7 February, 2017

“The Service Manager said “I’m so happy they didn’t send us an
Undertaker. You’re the first auditor I’ve ever met that doesn’t remind me of an Undertaker!”

3 January, 2017

“It has been a pleasure working with HDAA, and the process has contributed enormously to the improvement in our services.”

16 September, 2016

“My sincere thanks for all your assistance as I’ve just received the accreditation confirmation… I’ll be completing the surveys attached with positive comments as your organization has helped us not only understand the requirements for each standard but assisted us in knowing exactly what is required and having good access to communication along the way. This puts us in good stead in preparations for future accreditation process.” 

10 December, 2014

“I would like to take this opportunity to convey our appreciation for the professional, supportive and highly efficient manner in which this process has occurred.”

27 October, 2014

“Thanks again for your respectful and positive attitude, and the good discussions and constructive feedback which made the week you visited us a good and positive experience for all.”

8 October, 2014

“The Assessor was fantastic, very helpful and feedback from Stage 1 was spot on. We were able to follow through with the improvements to the Stage 2. It was all very clear and concise. So happy with assessor, helpful and knowledgeable. She made the process very smooth and stress free.”

4 June, 2014

“Please pass on my regards and thanks to the team for the assistance in the lead up to the audit this year.”

31 March, 2014

“I would like to take this opportunity also to let you know how happy we were with the Stage 1 Audit. Zeki was extremely approachable and very fair and helpful in assisting us in identifying the areas we needed to address in order to be certified under the DHSS.”

1 November, 2013

“Thank you very much for all your assistance when I have contacted you. I really appreciate your time and professionalism.”

4 October, 2013

“Thank you again for your generosity of spirit and willingness to share information and even more than that your enthusiasm for what you do. It has such a positive impact on staff and the organisation.”

7 June, 2013

“This is the best day of my working life! Thank-you, thank-you so much! Have a wonderful day” (Received from a successfully accredited DIAS practice)

12 March, 2013

“Thank you so very much for all the hard work your wonderful team did for us in the accreditation process. Both Brian and Michelle were absolutely brilliant and put us all at ease during the entire process.”

26 October, 2012

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank HDAA for the way the audit was conducted. We really appreciate the positive approach the Auditors take. They have a great manner with staff and clients which makes the whole process non-threatening. However, I doubt we would pull the wool over their eyes if we weren’t meeting the standards to a satisfactory level! Thanks again. It’s always a bit of an anxious time no matter how much effort has been put in. (The Assessors) certainly made sure we were all put at our ease and were keen to work with us to improve services for our clients.”

6 July, 2012

“I wanted to thank you for all your support, particularly in the lead-up to the deadline, and for the great work you and your team did to get such a large number of practices over the line. It’s a credit to your organisational ability.”

Department of Health and Ageing

15 June, 2012

“Thank you very much Deb for your assistance though the process. (Starting at our) organisation just before the audit wasn’t an ideal situation for me to be in, however your advice and guidance was invaluable….Thanks again for your support.”

14 May, 2012

“Could you please pass on to your team our thanks on the organisation and smooth running of our audit (as well as the preparation for audit). In particular I would like to thank yourself (Deb), Zeki and Jacqui for your time and assistance.”

21 May, 2012

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank (the auditors) for the audit. The audit report gives us an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and highlights improvements that we can make to improve the quality of life of the people we support…… Again, we’d like to thank HDAA for undertaking the examination of our services and thank you for the chance to response to the audit draft.”

30 March, 2012

“The practice resources are very brief, concise and easy to understand and follow. I really enjoyed listening to the tutorials, running them many times over if I needed clarification. The follow ups and feedback mechanisms from the assessors were very timely and direct to the point. The assessors I dealt with have been really helpful and patient in dealing with me. Special mention to Michelle Dowling and Anjela Neill who really pushed me with lots of encouragement to get to the final stages of the work that needed to be done. It has been a really enjoyable experience despite having to stay back to do the work after normal office hours. I learned a lot working through the accreditation process and recognize the need to continuously provide standardize services and keep improving the standards. Again a big THANK YOU to the HDAA team.”

24 January, 2012

“Hallelujah!! Thanks for all your help
and advice.”

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