NDIS Verification Audits

If you are delivering lower risk services to NDIS-funded participants, part of the process of becoming a registered provider is to complete an NDIS verification audit with an Approved Quality Auditor (AQA) such as HDAA. Lower risk services include activities such as:

  • Gardening and home repair services
  • Transport and travel support
  • Therapeutic supports such as psychological and allied health services
  • The sale of assistive products like wheelchairs and hearing aids

To explore which types of service providers can be registered with a Verification Audit, see the NDIS Commission’s Registration Requirements document (pdf). If you deliver other types of services, read more about our NDIS Certification audits.

A verification audit involves an auditor reviewing some of your key business processes in the following areas:

  • Human resources
  • Incident management
  • Complaints management
  • Risk management

Benefits of becoming a registered NDIS provider

Agency-managed participants can only receive services from registered providers. As a registered provider you can provide services to Agency-managed, plan-managed or self-managed participants.

Unregistered providers are limited to providing services to just self-managed or plan-managed participants.

Many participants and plan managers also consider registered providers to be safer and of a higher quality. This is because registered providers are required to meet a strict set of standards and are regulated on an ongoing basis by the NDIS Commission.

Completing a verification audit and becoming a registered provider can help to make your business a highly desirable option in today’s competitive market.

The NDIS audit process

  1. Submit your application to be a new provider, or to renew your registration, at the NDIS Commission’s website to receive your ‘Initial Scope of Audit’.
  2. Send your Initial Scope of Audit to approved quality auditors like HDAA to receive a quote for your verification audit. While verification audit cost can vary depending on the auditor, you should also discuss with any prospective auditors:
    • How long will you take to complete my audit?
    • How much support will you provide?
    • Do you have experience auditing other providers like me?
  3. Provide the evidence documents required to complete your audit. The Verification Module – Required Documentation (pdf) guide outlines what you will need to provide. Our experienced staff are always happy to talk you through the evidence requirements and we can also provide you with a detailed NDIS audit checklist, so you can feel confident that you meet the requirements before we even begin the Verification process.
  4. The AQA will assign an assessor to review your evidence and provide you with a report to show how your business is meeting the NDIS Practice Standards. If any gaps or issues are identified, you will be given time to address these and provide any extra evidence required.
  5. Your report will then be submitted to the NDIS Commission.
  6. Once the Commission has reviewed the verification audit report and made a final decision, they will confirm your registration status with you.

What makes HDAA different?

At HDAA, we guarantee a one-week turnaround time to complete your Verification audit once you have provided us with the documents our assessor is required to review.

We have a highly experienced team and allocate each provider a dedicated contact person who will work closely with you throughout the process.

Having completed over 550 Verification assessments, we have a lot of experience across a very diverse range of providers.

What to expect from HDAA?

  • A guarantee that your audit will be completed within one week of all required evidence being received from you
  • A detailed NDIS audit checklist that provides a structured outline of the evidence we’ll need you to provide
  • A dedicated support person from our team will work with you from beginning to end and be available to answer any questions that you have about the audit process or your evidence requirements
  • Once your audit has been completed and any major non-conformities addressed, your report will be submitted to the NDIS Commission within one business day

If you would like our team to provide a written proposal for your verification audit, please complete the following form and we will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, you can speak with our friendly NDIS team directly by calling 1800 601 696.

“Highly Recommended! Made my recent NDIS verification and Audit almost effortless. Very clear. Quick to respond. Would definitely use these guys again!”

“Couldn’t be happier with HDAA. They made the NDIS provider verification process a much less stressful exercise by providing me with great support and guidance throughout the entire process. They were always on hand to answer any questions I had and to help me to navigate the audit requirements to ensure we received our approval as quickly as possible.

Any organisation considering becoming an NDIS provider should look no further.”

“We started the NDIS application process about 3 weeks ago for our company to be approved under the NDIS for Home Mods.  Claire at HDAA made the task easier and was extremely professional and supportive.

The submission was uploaded on 4 June and we received advice today 15 June that it had been approved.  We are delighted.”

“QLD Stoma Association Ltd will now become the first ostomy association in Australia to be registered as an NDIS provider, and I thank HDAA for the invaluable assistance given to make this possible.

There are another 20 stoma associations located throughout Australia so we will be sure to recommend HDAA should they also wish to become registered in the future.”

“Thanks for your easy contact. I chose you out of a whole list because of your friendliness – makes a difference in the sea of compliance.

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