HDAA is approved by The Department of Human Services as an independent review body for the independent assessment and certification of organisations to the new Department of Human Services Standards (DHSS).

We have delivered assessment services to organisations in Victoria for a number of years now and we are committed to doing what we can to improve organisations and working with you in a way that is supportive and truly developmental. With the introduction of the new DHSS standards we will continue to do this.

The Human Services Victoria page of the HDAA website is where you can access and download a range of information about the DHSS and independent review. Included in the information is the following:

  • An Information Book titled Quality Assurance Information for Human Services Organisations in Victoria. This booklet describes what is involved and how we will work to assist you through the audit process.
  • Information on the DHSS Standards and the guide which describes the requirements for each standard.
  • Tools that map the SDSV and HASS to the DHSS and show where the similarities are.
  • Information on our experience as an independent review body and a description of our approach.

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