The Commision is seeking comment by 8 October 2010 on a further five draft Standards for the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards prior to launching a pilot in early 2011.

The Standards will provide a guide to Health Service Organisations for the levels of patient care that is expected in Australia and will be applicable across all Health Service Organisations.

The five draft Standards that feedback is currently sought on are:

1. Partnering for Consumer Engagement.
2. Blood and Blood Product Safety.
3. Prevention and Managment of Pressure Ulcers.
4. Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration in Acute Health Care.
5. Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls.

Further details of the Commisions progress can be accesed from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care at

If your organisation would like to participate in the Pilot Study in 2011 of these five Standards please contact the Commission at mail@safetyand

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