National Disability Services (NDS) will be launching the NDS Helpdesk very soon.  This will be a useful online destination for asking NDIS and disability employment related questions.

This helpdesk will be available to all NDS members across Australia as well as all Victorian disability service providers with the help of Victorian Government funding. As the go-to online destination for asking NDIS and disability employment related questions and receiving quick, accurate responses, NDS members will be able to use the helpdesk to keep track of their questions and access a comprehensive knowledge hub. Here, members can gain immediate access to over 100 common questions and answers in a searchable database. The knowledge hub will also serve as a repository of sector knowledge that grows and expands as more members interact with the helpdesk.

Ask will be launching soon, get ready by considering which staff at your organisation could benefit from having helpdesk access. Those with NDS website access will automatically be able to use the NDS Helpdesk. Additional staff can be added in a few easy steps by visiting the NDS website and downloading this how-to guide.

With thanks and acknowledgment to NDS for the content and links in this article


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