The new “Human Services Scheme” procedure is now being released by Jas-ANZ. The new procedure is split into five parts and three of these parts have been published as shown;

Part 1 – Common requirements for bodies certifying Human Services (released 1 November 2012).
Part 2 – Additional requirement for bodies certifying Human Service Quality Framework procedure (HSQF Queensland – not yet released).
Part 3 – Additional requirement for bodies certifying Disability Employment and Enterprise Services (DSS – released 1 November 2012).
Part 4 – Additional requirement for bodies certifying Department of Human Services Standards (DHSS Victoria – not yet released).
Part 5 – Additional requirement for bodies certifying Western Australia National Alcohol and Drug Agencies (WANADA – released 7 November 2012).

The Common requirements in Part 1 detail the processes and considerations Assessment Bodies must adhere to in the delivery of assessments to any of the subsequent quality programs in the Human Services Scheme (HS Scheme).

Assessment Bodies are required to be certified to ISO/IEC 17065:2011 to participate in the HS Scheme.

Service providers will be provided with the information relevant to their assessment and the appropriate scheme by the Assessment Bodies. In addition each part of the procedure can be down loaded from the Jas-ANZ website as the individual Parts are published.

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