The Human Services Quality Framework User Guide – Certification 5.0 has been released. Changes incorporated into Version 5.0 are detailed in the Certification Version Control Register and Log of Changes, which will assist you in identifying new or amended requirements.

o allow organisations and certification bodies time to understand and implement changed requirements, a lead-in time of three months applies to all new or amended mandatory requirements, with some exceptions.

Organisations in-scope of HSQF audits/certification must review the HSQF User Guide – Certification V5.0 and implement new/amended requirements relevant to the services they are delivering in order to demonstrate compliance with the Human Services Quality Standards in audits from 26 July 2019. Assessors completing HSQF audits up to 26 July 2019 will take a developmental approach to findings relating to new/amended mandatory requirements, (with some exception please refer to the full document).


Note:links provided to external website – QLD Government

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