In keeping with our aim to be client focused, proactive and responsive to client needs, and with the intent to consolidate and coordinate our partnership with organisations in Victoria, we are pleased to announce the establishment of an Assessment Manager position for HDAA’s Victorian programs.

Zeki Seren has been working with HDAA for almost two years as Lead Assessor in for the Quality Assurance program in Victoria. Zeki brings with him a wealth of experience gained from working across all three tiers of government in change management roles supporting and resourcing funded agencies and the not-for-profit sector. His previous experience as a Quality Advisor (DHS) for the Quality Framework for Disability Services in Victoria has provided him with significant insight that you will be able to call on.

As Assessment Manager, Zeki’s role is to:

  • Develop and maintain dialogue with HDAA clients;
  • Manage and deliver assessments for Victoria;
  • Liaise with the Department of Human Services and other regulatory bodies;
  • Assist human services organisations with understanding the program;
  • Help organisations to select appropriate governance options; and
  • Introduce HDAA’s assessment tools and provide insight into our assessment practices.

HDAA Australia has been working in Victoria with service organisations in the development and implementation of the DHS quality framework since 2009; including participation in the Demonstration Project for Independent Monitoring of Disability Service Providers under the previous SDSV. We have also been part of the Independent Review Body consultations and implementation of the most recent DHSS developments. Zeki’s appointment will build on this.

We believe Zeki will further our commitment to realise the highest quality assessment services for human services organisations in Victoria. Zeki has the creativity, perceptiveness and empathy to work effectively with human services organisations and we welcome him in his new role with the HDAA team.

If you would like Zeki to meet with you or to discuss the requirements of the DHS program then please contact our Business Realisation Manager, Suzanne Le Huray on 1800 601 696, you can also catch up with Zeki at a number of upcoming events including the NDS conference 13 & 14 June, the NDIS conference on 23 & 24 June and the DHS forum for IRB\’s and services on the 23 July 2013.

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