Accreditation expires on 30 June 2012 for all practices that achieved Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation any time prior to July 2010.

If your accreditation expires you practices will not be able to claim Medicare funding for Diagnostic Imaging Services. Your practice must now compile and submit evidence to apply for Full Suite Accreditation.

The Full Suite of DIA Standards is more comprehensive than Stage 1 or Entry Level DIA. HDAA strongly advises practices to review the Full Suite of DIA Standards on the HDAA website and access the Department of Health and Ageing’s “User Guide for Practices Applying for Accreditation”.

The User Guide provides you with details of the Standards, checklists, sample documents and templates. The User Guide can be accessed from the DIA home page on the HDAA website

Full Suite applications should be submitted for audit to HDAA by May 2012.

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