The IAF global survey shows that accredited certification delivers real added value to organisations.

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) is the global association of Accreditation Bodies, Certification Body Associations and other organisationsinvolved in conformity assessment activitiesin a variety of fieldsincluding managementsystems,products, services and personnel. The main objectives of IAF are:

  • to develop appropriate harmonisation of conformity assessment best practice.
  • to maintain and develop a Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) between its Accreditation Body Members to ensure recognition of accredited certification between signatories.
  • to act as a global forum to bring together accreditation bodies and stakeholder groups to facilitate global trade.
  • to promote accredited conformity assessment by working with, and influencing, key international organisations and industry groups.

In 2010/11, IAF carried out a global survey to capture market feedback on the value of certification. The survey aimed to gain intelligence on the drivers for seeking certification, the selection criteria when choosing a body to provide certification services, the appropriateness of the process, and the positive outcomes of certification.

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