Consultation:The Department of Health invites comments from interested individuals and organisations on Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) – Improving the quality and safety of Medicare funded diagnostic imaging services through the enhancement of regulatory and accreditation requirements before 5pm on Thursday 25 June 2015.

The purpose of this Consultation is to seek public comment to help inform the Australian Government in decision-making on proposed changes to regulatory and accreditation requirements to improve the quality and safety of Medicare-funded diagnostic imaging services.

This Consultation RIS:

  • Describes the existing regulatory framework;
  • Documents problems associated with the existing regulatory framework
  • Outlines the objectives for reform
  • Suggests proposals for reform
  • Invites comments on likely impacts of implementation of the suggested proposals

In addition to this call for written submissions, there will be additional consultation via stakeholder meetings to further discuss and clarify feedback received in formal submissions.

The RIS will be revised, drawing on feedback received during stakeholder consultations, including feedback on potential costs and benefits associated with the proposed options. The revised RIS will be subject to a further consultation with key stakeholders before being finalised for consideration by Government.

CLICK HERE for further information about this consultation process, including the Consultation RIS and submission template.

Submissions, and any enquiries about this consultation process, should be forwarded by email to the Department at this address

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