The DHS has recently confirmed that additional standards can be considered for addressing the Governance requirements of the DHSS assessment.
The selection of standards are now:

  • Disability Employment and Enterprise Standards (Standards 8 & 11 only) – [DEES]; or
  • National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards (Standards 1 & 2 only) – [NSQHSS]; or
  • ISO 9001:2008 (full Certification to ISO)

The effect of this is that, in working with HDAA you are able to choose anyone of the above standards.

In selecting either DEES or NSQHSS there is no annual assessment. After initial certification there will be only one mid-term assessment in the 3-year certification timeframe; i.e., a maintenance assessment at 18 months.

In selecting ISO 9001:2008 there is an annual maintenance assessment i.e. after initial certification there is a maintenance assessment at 12 months and a second maintenance at 24 months.

The introduction of DSS or NSQHSS means that there an opportunity to choose a standard that is potentially more aligned with your organisation operations and there is the opportunity to “bundle” your assessments e.g., services that also deliver employment services could undertake DEES and DHSS together and will not need to integrate the requirements of other Standards.

Please contact Suzanne on 1800 601 696 or by email to suzanne.lehuray for further detail and how this choice can be of benefit to your service.

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