Victorian services providing support to children and young people with disability are required to meet the Child Safe Standards and are subject to Victoria’s Reportable Conduct Scheme.

NDS is hosting this workshop to explore the implications of the Standards for disability service providers.

NDS will be hosting a forum on Victorian Child Safe Standards and Reportable Conduct: Exploring Implications for Disability Services, on the morning of Thursday 28 June. The forum will include a  presentation from Dr Deborah Absler, who has been working with NDS on the implications of child safety for disability services, and a presentation from a representative from the Commission for Children and Young People on the Reportable Conduct Scheme.

Further details and to register please follow this link.

There will also be presentations on the Child Safe Standards as an adjunct to the above session in Frankston, Attwood, Ballarat and Bairnsdale in June and July.   Further details can be found on the NDS website.

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